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Officers arrived and detained the driver. Field sobriety tests were conducted and the driver was arrested for DUI. She was taken into custody and held for sobering. She was later released with a citation to appear in court.

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Vehicle Burglary June 23 at p. The rear window of a Chevy Tahoe was broken open and the suspect s stole the rear seat from the vehicle. Time of occurrence is unknown. Residential Burglary June 24 at a. Sometime during the night, the house was toilet papered, and it appears that someone entered an unlocked side window and ransacked the house, stealing a computer tablet and a small amount of cash. The house sitter did not wake up during the incident.

He drove through the intersection of Colorado and Monterey at approximately 35 mile per hour, honking as he drove through, failing to stop for the stop sign, and swerving back and forth. The officers stopped the driver at Violet and Lime. The driver appeared to be intoxicated. Standard field sobriety tests were conducted and the driver was arrested for DUI.

He was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance.

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The suspect was taken into to custody and held for sobering. He was later released with a citation to appear in court. An example of the transformation from grass to low-water landscaping on the block of Wildrose Avenue. I wouldn't have noticed except they sent a flyer in the mail.

The twist seems to be that they hand-prepare the pizza for you, but then you take it home and bake it.

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Foothill this appears to be near the veterinarian hospital between Stedman and Primrose that leads to an abandoned basement. Closed signs will be posted on the sidewalk near the hole while the city figures out what to do. Chi said the "Health and Safety Codes supersedes the Water Conservation Order," and the washing only uses about gallons. Now it is switching back to a 4-year rotation, "which is an industry standard best practice. Activities will include music, games, art, leadership opportunities, food, and more.

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Due to the configuration of the homes up there, it's possible the owner doesn't even know about the problem. Monrovia-based Trader Joe's ranked number four in how positively customers feel about various companies. Based on a study of 10, U. S consumers, H-E-B, Publix, Chick-fil-A, and Trader Joe's took the top four spots in the Temkin Emotion Ratings, which rates how customers feel about their interactions with companies across 20 industries. The investigation revealed one of the drivers failed to yield and pulled out in front of on coming traffic.

Both vehicles were damaged and a city owned traffic control sign. The officer arrived and located the subject. The investigation revealed the male was under the influence of a controlled substance and he was arrested. A family member who feared for his safety called police and the violator was contacted and arrested.

He observed a , gray Honda Civic parked in the parking stall near the rear alley. There was no sign of forced entry and the owner was notified.

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Burglary Commercial On June 19 at a. The reporting party was contacted and stated the shed was left locked and secured. Upon returning, he found the lock latch had been pried away from the shed and all their tools and gardening equipment were stolen. Vehicle Burglary On June 19 at p.

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The victim parked her vehicle and rolled up the windows, but unsure if she locked the doors. When she returned the following morning she saw that the interior appeared ransacked and her laptop computers, checkbook and vehicle registration were missing. Grand Theft On June 19 at p. The victim parked his vehicle on May 30 and returned to his vehicle 2 hours later. He turned his ignition on and immediately heard a loud sound. The victim exited his vehicle and examined the rear end, discovering his catalytic converter was stolen.

A male subject entered a grocery store and put a bag of disposable razors in his pocket. He ran out of the store without paying for the merchandise. Officers searched for the male and located him at the corner of Magnolia and Huntington. A field show-up was conducted and the male was positively identified as the shoplifter.

He was still in possession of the razors, which were returned to the store. Upon contacting the subject a strong smell of marijuana emitted from the vehicle. Further investigation revealed the subject is on probation for drug related violations. A search of the vehicle revealed a small amount of marijuana. The subject admitted to having syringes in his possession. Also found in his possession was Methamphetamine and Heroine. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

The vehicle left before officers arrived. The vehicle was spotted and stopped on Huntington near Myrtle. The driver, a year-old male, was determined to be driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested and taken into custody. The driver was determined to be driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested and taken into custody. Chestnut Ave. For questions, call the Center at Comment: The producer of the Monrovia street fair is moving to Arcadia; the Monrovia street fair is not.

Looking at the Sun in Library Park.

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Brad Hori has his solar telescope out as part of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, a solar astronomy outreach project. We'll get a repeat tonight with a slightly different arrangement. The nearby moon will make a significant move against the background of the distant planets. The rings are tilted toward Earth, making it possible to see the Cassini division in Saturn's rings. Drop by for a look if you can. A lot of Monrovians on Facebook are really upset about a news article that appears to say that the Monrovia Street Fair is moving to Arcadia.

The Monrovia Street Fair isn't going anywhere. School Board: Roof Repair and Budget. Dinner at Shrimp House. The meal came with coleslaw, not shown, and that bowl is rice and beans. It was really quite good. Kind of an old style restaurant but clean and tidy. The church is at W Lime Avenue. Mays writes that she "would love to have you come and support to help people feel safe. The "Bluto Bandit" seen casing a bank in Monrovia. Coming Up in Monrovia. Bring a chair. California; at 8 p. Colorado Blvd. Thursday and Friday at 8 p.

isrhindera.gq Myrtle; p. Source: Becky Shevlin's great community calendar - Brad Haugaard. Plus a Hot Dog Stand?

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Also, the committee is being asked to approve a hot dog stand out in front of Home Depot. Comment: HD has had a few a hot dog stands there before, and one of them was really good.