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The deal version weighs 2. The adult version weights 4. We have a Maxi Micro in the household and the Globber looks equivalent, if not marginally better in build quality for the one we just got for our youngest. They hold their value very well if you look after them. Our kids have outgrown theirs but they were well looked after and we sold them for not a lot less than what we originally paid.

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You can argue there's cheaper equivalents for most premium things in life, but you get what you pay for as they say No, they have to hand part or all of their weekly mobility payment, the same with mobility cars, they have to use their weekly mobility payment to lease the car. They are not free just like everything else in life. If we can pay millions to the royal family and chauffeur them everywhere then I am sure we can look after are disabled and give them the money they need to live and feed themselves. Has the comments section sunk so low that it's okay to make snide comments about disabled people now?

Great deal. The height of this scooter looks quite small compared to say the Micro Sprite so would suit younger kids I would say.

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Also in pink Halfords fake offers. Currently looking at the voodoo Bokor. Usually around the discounted price. I'd wait.. No idea why anyone has voted this up when this bike has been this price for ages and there is no stock anywhere. Tyres are GPii 25mm on some relatively narrow chinese carbon rims. Crankset is a Rotor Aldhu which I can't recommend highly enough, mostly because it's very light and stiff, available in short lengths and has a standard 5-bolt BCD fitment, so can run with standard rings in his case, Hope narrow-wide.

Something to play with over next winter, but for now we're good! As I mentioned previously, 1x works really well for him - it's less to worry about and I found that small hands he's only 10yo struggled with the throw of the R Ultegra left shifter. I've seen a fair few kids his age running DI2 now for this reason, but TBH, mechanical 1x conversions are much!

He's got plenty of years to get used to riding with a front mech.

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One note if you were thinking of 1x in the future is to make sure you run a narrow-wide chainring. Even battered to hell on his CX bike, he's only every shed a chain once on a very rough jump where he didn't maintain chain tension! This is on bikes with short stays too which are often problematic for shedding chains. Are these road legal?

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Or pavement legal? Or are they sposed to be used at private property Got forbid this had a motor, we know what HUKD has been like as of late. Good price and a flash back to the past :. The question is: Would the bracket be able to hold the child that keeps leaving their scooter out as a death trap? If you're not my nemesis then I will keep looking. I'm sure they are here somewhere.

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Hardly LOL Saw "a stupid comment" and reacted to it ; takes all sorts Nice find ordered 2 for collection tomorrow. Fed up of tripping over the kids scooters in the garage. They're called quadcopters and they have been around much longer than when the media started calling them "drones" and sales being pushed by companies. I remember them from 20 years ago they're nothing new. It's only central London where you might get a warning. Everywhere else, they don't care.

The police in central have been instructed to stop and warn, otherwise they wouldn't bother. Just ordered ADV 8. We reserve the right to forfeit the discount if the trade in is not completed. Get an electric unicycle instead. I bought a Msuper X and its amazing.

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It does cost 4x as much tho so not for everybody. With their simple designs, low running costs, and sheer convenience, scooters have long been a popular form of transport for kids and adults alike. Not quite motorbikes , and more complex than skateboards , these hybrid vehicles can be sophisticated beasts or basic toys , and finding the right one isn't always easy. Whether you need a first scooter for a toddler or a powerful model to help with your daily commute, this hotukdeals buyers guide will provide what you need to know when buying any form of scooter.

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It isn't exactly clear when a running board, vertical handle and wheels were combined, but one thing's for sure — scooters have been around as toys and tools for over years. We know that they were being sold as toys in Germany and the UK in the s, and home-made versions were probably in use across the USA by then as well.

But commercial, high-quality scooters are actually relatively new. The first models built on the s and 60s craze for roller-skating , and basically consisted of roller-skate wheels attached to running boards, with a handle bolted on top. In the 80s and 90s, aluminium versions appeared that lasted longer and offered much better road-worthiness, while saw the introduction of folding metal scooters, courtesy of Dutch inventor Wim Ouboter.

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Since then, stunt scooters have become popular among extreme and urban sports fans, and three-wheelers have caught on with younger users. Rugged 4-wheel versions have even appeared, which resemble extended Segways. So there's plenty of choice in the world of scooters. As for motorbikes with step-through style frames, they have been around for much longer.

Since the s, motorcycle manufacturers have been creating super-convenient, efficient models with slightly lower power ratings. If the style experienced a golden age, it was the s, when Italian brands like Vespa turned scooters into a global style icon. Ever since, they have been available in functional and designer versions, and ever since they have been a fixture on global streets. What is it about scooters that have captured the imagination?

Scooter Deals & Offers

For kick scooters, the appeal lies in their pick up and use simplicity. There's no need for specialised skills when using a kick scooter. All users need is a sense of balance which isn't always guaranteed and the willingness to let themselves go. For youngsters in particular, scooters have often been their first experience of wheeled transport, giving them a novel feeling of being in control on the road. Having seen parents driving or cyclists whirring past, it's a magical feeling to glide on scooters wherever kids want to go.

As we hinted at in the brief history section, there are three major divisions in the world of scooters: petrol powered, electric powered and unpowered. We won't dwell on petrol powered scooters here the ones which resemble motorcycles , as they are really a separate form of product. But it's worth thinking about how they build on electric and kick versions nonetheless.

Many people like to graduate from electric to petrol as they become more confident. Kick Scooters — Classic kick scooters consist of three main elements, and will probably be familiar to most people. Firstly, there are the wheels. These used to be basic castors, but modern scooters tend to use more durable and responsive pneumatic versions. Secondly, there's the running board.

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This may be as simple as a piece of wood or metal, but better scooters feature high-grip surfaces that can handle some rain. Finally, there's the handle. This generally reaches up vertically from the front of the running board, and pivots to allow directional control. It should be nice and stable, taking a bit of weight as riders lean forward. And it needs to have a solid connection to the rest of the vehicle. With a bit of practice, this can achieve impressive speeds, while braking with a brief heel or toe press is usually pretty easy.

However, this isn't the only configuration, and may not be the most user-friendly for inexperienced riders.